Valentine’s Day is almost here! Woah!

Okay, I have a confession to make.
Years before I wasn’t a huge fan of Valentine’s day.


The logic in that seemed simple: I found it too much. If we love each other with my partner, why would we show our feelings only on that day?

Instead of that, we started to have “special days” during the whole year. On 21st of every month, we went to a movie, had a dinner in a fancy restaurant or had something else that had this romantic atmosphere (because watching an Alien movie should be romantic, right?). We made a custom out if it, and on those days we went out no matter what.
Because sometimes we forget to pay enough attention to our loved-one, we get too customed to them (not exactly like in the huge romantic Hollywood productions). In the end, we have almost no quality time with each other. For example, after coming home from work, we just want some special time to ourselves, do our extraordinary things.

Hey, that is true! Don’t look at me like that, you know what am I talking about. After having so much time spent on your job, you want just to relax, binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix that may not the favorite of your spouse or do other special stuff that won’t interest the other one.
When life is too much it’s kinda understandable that we tend to act like this.

That’s why we started a custom and this way we always had this special time with each other. In addition that brought much more into our relationship!

And that’s why…

…after a while, I realized: Valentine’s Day is the very same thing! It’s one more occasion to go out, show our affections to our special one. And why would that be bad in any way?
After we applied the custom of 21st (sounds like a good title to it), we found it very interesting to have celebrated the Valentine’s Day. And not only because of that.

This is a good reason to treat him with some occasional gifts and since I love shopping and find the best gifts… this Holiday is just one of my favorites. As so many speaks about Valentine’s Day, it’s not only about purchasing things. It’s a kind and romantic tradition. And that always should have enough room in our life.

I always like to read about relationship customs. Do you have some tricks of your own?