As every single freshly-started blog does,

I want to say a warm welcome to you, my dear visitor. You are one of the very firsts who reading my first sentences here on my home decor blog, which is the free-time place of the Etsy Shop Brandless Artist.

The Idea

During the time I spend on my shop, I have so many thoughts and ideas…  I want to tell those to my customers and others who may be interested in home decors and other stuff. I like to grab the opportunity and share those thoughts with anyone who found my silly blog.
As the maker of tapestries, designs, arts I have encountered several questions related to them: like as how can I choose the frame for a certain type of art? Should I ask an expert or enough to read about it on some blog? Will a magazine have the answer to that? Why the whipped cream disappeared from my chocolate pudding?

Okay, there was a question like the last one, but not the exact subject I will rambling about. Although, I love pudding and I assume you like it too.
Nope, I won’t share.

But do not see me as an envious persona of her pudding. See, I won’t share my pudding because it has no sugar in it, I’m on a diet. And I do like sharing – ideas, stories, my thoughts on movies (that last Star Wars movie, am I right?).
Occasionally I hit the gym and have some exercise or going on a short – one-hour long run. Health means a lot to me and that makes me a woman who bakes her own bread with whole-wheat flour.
And I know the importance to have a calm, relaxing and comfortable home. Hence the reasons why, like an addict, I love to paint, draw, do designs and read a lot of the subject decoring homes in general.


Glad you are here. So glad that finally, I’m here.
And thanks for reading me.