Placing a Tapestry

Making a tapestry is an art form for me, therefore, I have a lot of them in my home. So I have to be really creative when it’s about how can I use them in my home while I’m keeping the sought harmony.
What you may don’t know about wall tapestries, that their name is a bit lying: they are not only for walls to adorn!

Buddha Wall Tapestry

Using Buddha tapestry as a background for Yoga.

So Where Can You Use It?

If you don’t have more room on your wall, you can think about the following places:

  1. Make your couch more stand-out!Tapestry on couch
    Although your tapestries mostly made of polyester and won’t bare having people sitting on it in the long run but you can place your wall tapestry on the backrest. A handsome way to make your couch more stand-out and welcoming!
  2. One more wall for the win!
    I have my computer in one corner, TV in the other one. So it’s a good way to hang a tapestry as a bohemian billowy wall to separate my work from other’s free time. At least I can still hear the movie and my family.
  3. Cover the bed using it as a bedspread

    Using tapestry as a bedspreadDuring the day cover your bed with it. It will change the feeling of your bedroom a lot. The tapestry can be easily folded if it’s in your way, won’t take too much room.
  4. Unexpected visitors! Quickly, hide the mess! 
    So your visitors see only an artistic heap on the chair. Don’t worry about it; next to my work the duty of keeping my home clean sometimes extends my capacity.
  5. Tablecloth 
    I like my mandala tapestries used like that. You can make the symmetry of the pattern to center something on the table. Like a wonderful floral bouquet.
  6. Be a Superwoman! 
    Use it as a cape! Okay, maybe it’s too huge for that but would be an extra fun playing with the kids like that.

Placing a Tapestry Shouldn’t be a Problem Anymore

Hope I gave you some useful ideas but it’s not the whole usage possibility for tapestries. After you tried some of these placing options you can try other ideas too. Use your imagination, be free in creativity, there is nothing to stop you!

The only thing is now to prepare your tapestry.
Haven’t you got one yet? Here are some pretty options for new tapestries!