Gallery - Brandless Artist 


I know you've already seen my works at their final if you were wandering on my site. But there's a long way to create an art and for me is exciting to see some pictures of these stages. Maybe it gives an idea about the making process.

One of my favorite writers, Stephen King. This is my tribute to him, having him in a pencil drawing like this.

A basic lines of the project "angel boy". It's nice to see how a painting gets started from only lines.

Face study.

Practicing lips. You'd thing they are easy to draw but they have their difficulties.

First sketch for the painting I was making of a horse. I love these amazing animals and was lovely to make this custom digital painting.

This is the final work of the custom order of this horse portrait. It was done in Photoshop, painted with the help of my wacom graphic tablet.

Every artist has to practice and learn and making studies os a good way to do it. Hands are great difficulties to be drawn but was fun to paint them.

Practicing light on face was the purpose of this digital painting.

I'm trying to make latex on paper. Really fun way to practice my skills.

The first sketch for a fantasy digital painting.

Making laces with pencils on paper. It takes a long-long time to be made but this amount of details are look amazing in the end.

A custom pencil drawing in the making. They seem such a lovely couple!

Studying expressions. Digital painting of a very creative young woman's expressions.

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