I’m from a small town and I lived in a house until I have moved to the capital City, Budapest. Until that I lived very close to Nature and got understand how important is to keep it as it is. Now I live in an apartment and I got far from having Nature surrounding me. Although my adoration is still the same.
Maybe that’s why this series I found – The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes Series to be precise – is so interesting for me.

Not only that I do home decors so involvement in documentary series like this is a thing. But the fact that most of the time the architects in this series are cherish Nature and build their houses to emphasize the environment instead of destroying it.

But let’s start at the beginning

Every episode is around a specific theme – for example in the first one we get familiar with homes built on Mountains with breath-taking views.

The hosts (Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin) travel the world and get keys to these extraordinary houses. They know only a few details of these homes beforehand so their excitement feels so real and their amazement fresh. I’m amazed with them as I see those beautiful houses of unconventional shapes and strange materials that only in my imagination existed before.
Then they get closer, go around and get in these houses.
Beautiful interiors, modern or traditional shapes, rich details and more importantly: prudent workmanship characterize these houses.

Which Really Amazed Me

That most of the designers of these houses pay serious attention to environment and leaving it untouched as much as possible. Most of the houses embrace their surroundings, some of them has the same colors as the landscape has.

For me this is really thoughtful and would be great to have more of this discreet care for the environment all around the globe.

Why I Recommend The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes Series

As a person who lives in a small apartment, I still cherish the sights of these beautiful houses. It’s great to walk around these buildings with Pierce and Caroline. I listen to their excitement as they discover small, thoughtful details and as they share their thoughts on how the construction went on. We also able to understand the whys of the owners, who dreamed these unconventional buildings as they usually interviewed by the hosts.

Yes, I was curious why someone wants to build a house that can be only reached by a cable car? How can someone think that building a house by two few inches far from the trees is a good idea? First of all, I never knew that is possible or somehow regulations should make it impossible but in reality, extraordinary buildings – and dreams – exist. I now know this because of this documentary series.

Okay, just to be clear, I don’t like personally every buildings in the Extraordinary Homes series. Some of the buildings are just too modern with their sharp-clean metal materials and by that is too cold for everyday living. I couldn’t call something like that as my home.
And as big they are, I must think of how difficult the situation of a maid could be there. 🙂

Anyhow, I like most of the interiors and overall shapes of houses.  I also love to imagine myself in most of it or how I would decorate the interiors.


Although the Extraordinary Homes series is only a few episodes, I do recommend it as a light entertainment for those who love decorate their homes. Or they are at the beginning of a new house project.
I’ve learned a new way to adore extraordinary buildings thanks to this series.