Designing home decors is one of my passions next to art making. Just love to find new looks to my home decors, sometimes give a funny text with a nice typeface to a design and most of all: creating mandala designs.

About Mandalas

In Hinduism, mandalas are a ritual and spiritual symbols with plentiful meanings. They are also represented in Buddhism and meditation practitioners use them to focus their attention on establishing a sacred space. We already familiar with their rich patterns, symmetric symbols and the spiritual touch that each of mandalas represents.

Creating Mandala Designs

Made this mandala design in the fewer of the coming Spring.

As Home Decors

Mandala home decors just “very in right now”. Maybe not just now but always…

Mandalas make nice home decors – whether we are an enthusiast of meditation or the Eastern Philosophy or we just love these detail-rich patterns. Mandalas have a lot of types: they can be simple with a few circles of patterns or having floral shapes, spiritual symbols. Can be colorful or monochrome but not rare to see only a line art of the mandala. And you probably were a part of coloring those relaxing mandala books! I know how relaxing that is, so we can just say out loud: coloring mandalas are amazing!

So they are everywhere. They are beautiful and have a nice effect on our every-days.

Why I Begin Creating Mandala Designs

I started to draw mandalas a few years ago. I have to tell, in the beginning, I wasn’t a fanatic, I just wanted to try if I can do patterns like that. I have this itchy “I must know” feeling as so many other artists and designers as well.
So many people make them, why wouldn’t I do it? Looks so simple…

Yeah. On the surface, they look easy to make, right? But if you want a compact, meaningful and detailed mandala, the making of it is not that easy as it looks like. There is a few software that is great to make basic mandala patterns, but the result of it not that unique and for making a good-looking design, it needs some experience in the field of Graphics.

I like a challenge like that so I begin to creating mandala designs by hand. Only I have a symmetry tool that copies the drawn patterns into the well-known shape of a mandala. And I couldn’t stop…

Why Mandalas are Still Stickin Around

Sometimes I have difficulties in my life (as we all do I guess) and drawing these patterns helps to forget those difficulties for a while. Occasionally I become relaxed and ready for coming up with a plan for solving my current problem.
I know there must be a scientific explanation why doing these stuff is good to relax but I will wave this one away and I just accept — as a mandala fanatic — that they are just calming and that’s it.

So creating mandala designs are not only for having new designs in my shop… but make my anxiety to go away. Maybe when you look at them you’ll see that calmness what I feel when I make every mandala design. Hope you do.

That’s why mandalas are “so in”. They are pretty awesome in making us relaxed in ways we never thought we can be.