Whether we repaint the walls or purchase a new rug for the Livingroom, we always consider colors to match the particular room. But is that enough to think about? Do colors have effects on us? Is color meanings a real thing?

An Indication of the Importance of Colors

The best way to find the instant answer to these questions is to think of a particular color – for example, green. What that makes you associate with?
My first thoughts were Nature, tranquility, relaxation, hiking, health… and so on. It’s complementary color – red – makes me think totally different things: energy, fire, passion, heat. When I look at a huge red surface I almost feel my heart races.

Not only objects are associated with color green and red but feelings as well. So we can say for sure that colors do have effects on us, each of them have special meanings. And as they accompany us in our home will have a huge impact on our life, health, feelings.

Color Meanings

leaves in greenGreen

The color of health and nature but it also represents wealth, fertility and safety. In color psychology, green is very calming, relaxing and tranquil. It is also the color of fresh starts.
Green helps to put our mental, emotional and physical energies in balance and equals head and heart.

Use color green for healing and balance, when you need to calm your nerves. Too much of color green makes us possessive and materialistic.

Also makes a nice color for bathroom and kitchen.

red colorRed

Red is the most intense of colors, maybe that’s why the association between the strongest feelings and things: sex, passion, lust, blood, and war. Always stands out of other colors. Its psychological effects are stimulating, exciting, powerful, activating and more. Redound ambition and determination, helps in self-confidence.

When you need more energy, increased enthusiasm, red is your color. But be aware that surrounded by too much of red makes you irritated, annoyed and overwhelmed.

This color is a nice match for the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Earthy red is suitable for bedrooms as well.

orange color spotOrange

Bright and warm color, the combination of red and yellow. Color orange will bring warmth and spontaneity to your home, also optimistic and uplifting – makes us look at life in a positive way. Fun color with appetizing and delicious qualities. The orange psychological effects are pleasantly stimulating, active, sociable and cheerful.
This citrus color associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. Maybe that’s the reason why many restaurants chose this color for their main decor elements.

Use color orange for uplifting thoughts, seeing the brighter side of things. The best color for the kitchen, and dining room, living room because of its appetizing and social qualities.

yellow Sun Yellow

Yellow color the color of Sun, therefore it has many happy meanings: represents youth, fun, sunshine, it’s energetic and cheerful. Surrounded by this color you’ll feel happy, stimulated, warm and uplifted. Inspires original thought and inquisitiveness, helps us focus, recall information and decision making. For the best results, use color yellow during exam time.
Too much of it makes us judgemental and critical thinking.

Also worth to mention the strong analytical association with this color. Yellow will put aside emotions and will make your decision come from the head rather than your heart.

Pick the yellow color for the dining room, living room to make your house the home of Sun.

ships in blueBlue

Its meaning is close to the color green. It’s also calming, relaxing and healing but comes with it a bunch of other meanings as well: loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust but also represents dependability, trustworthiness, and security. Many websites use this color for the latter meanings. When you lay down on the grass and look up at the bright blue sky you’ll feel a calmness, relaxation, and order. It’s the most popular color probably because it is safe and non-threatening.

Use color blue for achieving calming and peaceful thoughts but be aware that too much of it associated with sadness and depression – that’s why the “feeling blue” expression.

This color works best for the bathroom for its sense of cleanliness.

pink colored heartPink

The color pink is always associated with girls, compassion, love, and romance. Sensitive and simple. Pink is also the sign of hope in color psychology. Inspiring warmth, makes you feel that everything will be okay. Tranquilize energetic emotions, ease aggression, anger, neglect, so it has a great deal of calming effects on nerves.
It takes us back to our childhood, makes a connection with our inner child. It’s also about caring.
From the “too much” perspective, lead us to become immature, silly, be unwary with our responsibilities.

Ideal color for areas of love and relationships.

purple colorPurple

It is the favorite color of mine. Purple and violet have the same effects: they represent dignity, abundance, harmony, and nobility. Promotes meditation, and it’s often related to intuition and spirituality. It’s also the color of luxury, mystery, power, and prestige. Its psychological effects involve the ensures the harmony of mind and emotions, makes a connection between spiritual and physical world.

If you are a person of spiritual fulfillment, seeker of a higher level of consciousness, purple will assist you in this way.

Some shades of purple make a nice match for bedrooms.

white colorWhite

The purest of them all and the color of perfection. It’s a blank paper that waits to be filled – implies new beginnings, state of cleanliness. Innocence, wholeness, and completion also come with it. Gives an impression of efficiency and organization thus designs using a lot of whites give a nice clean look. In many cultures, the color white means the good guy, the rescuer, which will fight the dark.
Having too much of it seems cold, empty and can cause a sense of distance and lack of interest.

When you use white in your home it will create a mental clarity, empties the mind and allows you to start fresh.

Black stokesBlack

Although black is the color that usually negatively charged, it has a fair amount of positive advantages: it connotes sophistication, elegance, confidence, and modernity. Color black fits with all the colors and makes them more stand-out. It is also sexy and seductive.
Black will absorb negative energy, also hides and covers.

I guess I needn’t say why we shouldn’t use this color too much. It is unfriendly, depressing, pessimistic and full of sadness.

In your home use it only for accessories.

brown earth colorBrown

Color brown means protection and support of family and friends. Also comes with responsibility, reliability, it is sensual, comforting, sensitive and warm. Its psychological effects are honesty, sincerity, makes us planted both feeds on the ground. Relates to quality in almost everything. Associated with natural and organic products as well.
Many would say it’s boring to use this color in any way and maybe that’s why it is the least favorite color.

A room that has enough brown implies that issues can be considered and resolved. If you want the touch of comfort and stability, brown is your color.

Use color brown in your bedroom or living room.

How to pick the right colors?

Right color is hard to find. Just think of what kind of impact do you want to achieve in the room where you want to place a new home decor. Color meanings will help you decide to choose the right one.

But if you want to go Bohemian, right color doesn’t matter. Just go with your instincts!