Extraordinary Homes Series – Recommendation

I’m from a small town and I lived in a house until I have moved to the capital City, Budapest. Until that I lived very close to Nature and got understand how important is to keep it as it is. Now I live in an apartment and I got far from having Nature surrounding me. Although my adoration is still…

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Color Meanings in Your Home in a Nutshell

Whether we repaint the walls or purchase a new rug for the Livingroom, we always consider colors to match the particular room. But is that enough to think about? Do colors have effects on us? Is color meanings a real thing?

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How to Pick a Photo for Custom Art

I noticed when I’m able to work from a photo that has the right quality, the final commissioned drawing will be much better. Means a photo for custom art should be the best you can have. So I know what makes a photo the “right quality” but I guess…

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