Sometimes I’m asked for doing a custom art as a birthday, wedding gift or for Valentine’s day, Christmas. I also do artworks for novels or I’m making unique illustrations for custom ideas. Most of the time I offer custom digital painting for the perfect work.
And not only because I love to use digital techniques. 🙂

Here are some reasons why custom digital painting is a good idea.

What is Digital Painting?

“You mean something that is on the computer? Or something generated by the computer?”
Well, none of these.

Custom Digital Painting of a ChildSure, that’s true it’s something that exists on our computer but not only that: it’s made on the computer. So we can’t say that it’s made by the computer (except for those “artists” who ask a suspiciously low amount of money for their work – more on that later) because the making of a custom digital painting is made by hand just like any traditional painting.
That means that involves a digital canvas and a tablet that can be drawn on, which result shown on the computer screen.

That’s the difference from traditional painting and everything else is the very same. The artist starts their work from zero, draw on a white canvas and draw every line of the art with their own hands.

Advantages of Digital Arts

It would be hard to share all the advantages of digital arts but here are some.

  1. whatever the size of the art, the price stays the very same – so you pay the same money for a small painting or a large one, you even have the option to duplicate the same art
  2. there is no shipping fee – the digital file we receive can be printed by much local printing office
  3. the artwork can be printed on almost any material – canvas, paper, mugs, doorknobs (okay, the latter one maybe is hard to accomplish)

If We’re Talking about Custom Digital Painting

Many times we have an idea that is much unique than the usual requests we can ask from artists, so they might haven’t got the same idea about it as we have.

Process of a Digital Painting

Click to see animation!

This is natural, everybody has a different image in their head about the same things. Therefore we may couldn’t explain our idea the most successful way.
But don’t worry: artist making corrections is something that was paid for in the very beginning. And an artist wants to bring the customer’s original idea into the real world perfectly.

This is when digital arts comes really handy. If we see that the artist had a different idea than we had, we can ask for corrections. There is no such thing that the paper will have a hole because of a lot of erasing or the painting loses its dynamic style.

We also have the option of asking more versions of the same artwork. Of course, that means an extra cost but at least we know that we have this option.
For example, we can’t decide if we want a black and white or colored artwork so we ask for both. Or we don’t know if we have Bob’s nose drawn bigger than normal will be funnier if we have his hair colored red.
The artist can show that to us.

But We Should Be Aware Of

…that if the price is too low, the chosen artist presumably cheats and makes the work with a few click on the mouse. Not unique nor artistic.

So if we see an art style that offers an artwork for less than $20, probably we have found a fraud. We could easily do the very same thing for free using only our phone.
But I presume that we want something unique, inspired, made by a real artist, right? That costs more but the artwork we receive has so much value too.

So I would recommend that do not support frauds like that. Find someone who uses their artistic hand for making that amazing custom digital painting for us.
Worth every penny!