Wait… Why the Name Brandless Artist?

The founder of this webshop… well, a “brandless artist”.
She has an erratic personality when it comes to making artworks and designs, so can’t stick to only one thing.
That means she’s familiar with many techniques. Tried herself in many art styles and she is always looking for learning new stuff. You can’t ever be bored with her artworks!

And the most contradictory name award goes too…

And yes, if we already there… painting and drawing is something she is really excited for whenever it comes to making them. That’s why next to the many partial knowledge her artistic skills are the best!

And hence the reason for this name. Maybe we are “brandless” but we make a good use of it. We know our stuff and we like to share this knowledge with others.

Nowadays Activities

Nowadays Brandless Artist is an enthusiast of boho style and zen decorations, which includes mandalas as well. We do some inspired work of arts in these areas: mandalas, calming Buddha faces with watercolor that can be printed on tapestries, canvas or paper, and even pillows and other home decors; whatever we like to have in our home.
We just love tapestries: they are so huge! Nice to see our artworks on these large textiles and whenever one tapestry is purchased, we know it will change the room that our customer will use in.

Custom Paintings and drawings are always challenging, but it’s so amazing to do arts like that. We can’t be bored by those and we know that our personalized artworks will make someone happy. Can we ask for more in this life than this? It’s amazing to have this opportunity.

And there are more things we do, but hard to talk about everything. Our suggestion is to have some look at our articles or products and decide if our enthusiasm touches you.

Where Else Can You Find Us?

If you didn’t do already, you can sign up for our content on Brandless Artist’s Facebook.
You can reach us by sending a message with the help of the contact form.