What is Bohemian Style?

Nomadic, spirited and non-bourgeois. More like a lifestyle. Suggests an arcane enlightenment, rejects materialism and centers on creativity, individuality, art. In our modern age, the Bohemian style is applied to people who lead artistic, unconventional lives.

Origins of Bohemian

The word itself originated from the French bohémien for “gypsy” and that is the country where all begins.

As a counterculture, it appeared after the French Revolution. After losing their patronage from the wealthy, many artists started a nomadic lifestyle. They hadn’t got too much money so they wore used clothing and lived inexpensively. In the eye of the world, they were poor, unfashionable craftsmen.
Vintage Photo of a Girl and the Bohemian Style from the 1920' era.After a while, artists were classified as “special type of person” thanks to the beneficence of the Romantic Movement. Individuality was expressed through how one dressed, looked, how they led their lives. Artists themselves became a work of art.

They wore colorful fabrics, strange hats, their hair was long and flowing, so nothing like the usual 19th century looks. This new folk resembled the wandering gypsies, who – according to the people of this era – originated in Bohemia, hence the expression.

The bohemian style became a cult: of individuality. A bohemian person arranged their outfit and accessories carefully, their look was a piece of art. Bohemian was an eccentric genius whose imaginativeness was demonstrated in the way they lived and appeared.

Bohemian Style in our Days

Close to our modern time, first Hippie Movements corporated the Bohemian style – there’s the reason why many use “hippie” sometimes as a synonym for boho and bohemian style. And if we take a closer look they do represent the fundaments of the style: colorful, sometimes unfashionable clothing and the way how they look on life is also resembling the French artists.

Rich Boho Mandala Pattern of My Tapestry

But we don’t want to talk about hippies, that’s the past. But not the bohemian style! Moreover, it’s in its glory.

For example the “boho chic” gets our attention more than usual, foremost when it’s about youngster people. The bohemian itself remained in the basics: still tries to stay distanced from the material world, celebrates individuality and doesn’t follow trends. Although the style itself just became a trend, the culture went mainstream. That is we can no longer consider it as that special as it was before. It’s not a group anymore, it’s for everyone who shares the same values.
Maybe this is the next evolutionary step of the bohemian style?

Be bohemian at Home

So we know about clothing a lot when it’s about bohemian style. But what’s up whit our home? Because that can be a fan of bohemian as well!

If you like experimenting or maybe even reinvent things then this style is for you. For example, your old guitar collection get lost in the garage? Instead of that, display them on the wall for having an indie decor. Your grandmother’s rug can create an eclectic decor scheme matched with the freshly purchased pattern-rich pillow.

Oriental Bohemian Room
Have a cozy hammock chair over the boho-inspired rug next to the crocheted curtains. Have a pillow fortress on the couch! Think out of the box!
It’s colorful and has no strict rules. Because of that sometimes it seems chaotic but really it’s not. Uses the mixes of colors, different patterns and since its base close to nature, likes plants a lot. A bohemian home is a laidback ambiance filled with green and rich textiles. You can never have enough plants or prints!

A style of freedom and it’s about you. If someone visits your home, they will identify the colorful curtains, tapestries with you, so forget about rules. Chose patterns you like and don’t worry about the rug, it will match the other 5 in the room and the pattern of the wall. Express yourself!