About - Brandless Artist 

About the artist and this shop

I'm a... well, a "brandless artist" as the title of this page suggests. That means I'm familiar with many techniques, tried myself in many art styles and I'm always looking for learning new stuff. I have at least a basic skill set for almost everything if that's related to Graphics, which comes handy in many times.I can create logos or give a text with a nice typeface to the art you order. I paint, draw on paper or in my computer. 
And yes, if we already there... painting and drawing is something I'm really excited for whenever it comes to making them. That's why next to the many partial knowledge my artistic skills are really great. 
And here we are: the reason of this shop, and this title. Maybe I'm "brandless" but I make a good use of it. I know my stuff and I like to share this knowledge with others. Also it's worth to mention that I'm mostly known as "Thubakabra", which is my artist name on online surfaces. 

Nowadays I'm an enthusiast of boho style and zen decorations also with watercolor paintings. I do some inspired work of arts in these areas: like to do mandalas, calming Buddha faces with watercolor that can be printed on tapestries, canvas or paper, and even pillows and phone cases; whatever we like to have in our home. 
I like tapestries: they are so huge! I like to see my artworks on these large textiles and whenever one tapestry is purchased, I know it will change the room that my customer will use in.
Art Prints and Posters are more flexible: they come in small or large sizes, so I can have a lot of fan art on my wall if I have these prints in 8 x 10 inches. Of course my favorite art is always the largest print in the room that inspires me to create more and more. 
Custom Paintings and drawings are always challenging me, but it's great to have this in my love. I'm never bored and I know that my personalized artwork will make someone happy. Can I ask for more in this life than this? It's amazing to have this. 

And there are more things I do, but hard to talk about everything. My suggestion is to have some look at my products and decide if my enthusiasm touches you. 

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